January 12, 2009

A Quilted Gift

A package arrives in the mail. You know that feeling - something from someone you love. A sister or a friend has remembered your birthday. Immediately you are awed and humbled. The return 'Thank You' will never be able to say all that is in your heart today. You have been warmed deeply and suddenly your heart is filled afresh with love for them.

Holding the package close to your heart, you hug it and smell it, then slowly let your fingers find the tape and begin unwrapping the gift. What could it be? How could she possibly know what to give - you have been apart for years because you live too far apart. Yet she cares enough to give. It will be a gift of herself - a part of her which arrived in your home today.

The brown paper now lays torn and crumpled, the card has been read with tears, the gift wrap has joined the brown paper pile, and now the hands tremble as you unwrap that final layer of tissue.

There, under the tissue lays a quilt. A work of love. Hours and hours of her time lay in your hands. How can they give so much? Her talents and abilities are presented to you. Her hobby is now your gift. It will become your heirloom. The colors and fabric of the quilt will stop the hands of time - it will always reflect this era, this day, this moment.

Your heart has been so warmed today. You will hold the quilt close today, examine the stitches and feel all the work she took forever to do; you will smell it and sense her presence. You will touch it often today and use it in various ways. Then in some tomorrow you will find a special place for it and your heart will always be warmed when you see it. Each time you walk by you will remember her.


Myrna said...

Hi Connie! Thanks for visiting me!
What a lovely story about the quilt...I recognized the heart quilt hanging--I made one just like that years ago...I probably have it stored away in my cedar chest. It brought back memories--when I used to quilt...
Blessings to you!

Mona said...

That is a beautiful quilt. How nice to get such a wonderful gift.