March 20, 2009

Window Washing

It is almost time to wash windows. Today the rain is spattering against the panes, but soon the sun will show the collection of winter's gray film.

Tired of all the streaks from the typical cleaners? Tired of the cost of commercial cleaners?

I clean windows for a professional vinyl installer. When I am done, not one spot of any thing can remain on the glass. (To see some of his vinyl installations you would enjoy this page - I don't show the windows, I show the vehicles and a wall!)

So what does a pro use that would be quick and none streaking? One part isopropyl alcohol and one part water. I put the solutions and a wash cloth in a bucket, then throw dry cloths over my shoulder.

While you are at it, wet a soft link-free cloth with isoproply alcohol and wipe clean the mirrors in your home and all the glass shelves in your china hutch - you will be thrilled!


Elaine said...

I have a winter's worth of grimy windows and we are getting lots of sun, so the grime is really showing as the sun streaks through it. It's supposed to be a little warmer in a few days, so will try it on my living room windows. Thanks for the tip.

Montanagirl said...

Good tip! I wonder if I'll have cleaned my windows by the time you arrive in April? (lol).

Civilla said...

I'm gonna try that. At 55, I am still a complete "bust" at washing windows. They streak no matter what tricks I use. And, yes, I hate the cost of brand-name stuff.

The Hobbit said...

Sun is shining so I too can't see winters leftovers on my windows.I think your idea is a good one.Busy on the farm this week but,must stop to say thank you for the award.I plan on acting on it asap.

Faye said...

What a wonderful tip! It drives me crazy trying to get windows CLEAN! I will try this tomorrow for sure!