May 14, 2009

Making Freezer Jam/Jelly

Time to empty the freezer of last years berries and make space for new! Besides, all the freezer jam/jelly I made last year is gone. Our only FREE berries are blackberries. I love their flavor but not the seeds. So what is a person to do? Run the berries through your Juiceman!

Yes! It is a wonderful way to cheat. That juice comes out so thick it is almost ready to set even without the pectin. NO seeds! Another hint? Microwave your berries in a glass bowl to get them at least to room temperature or warmer - you get more juice faster.

Blueberries are NOT FREE. We love blueberry jam but I will not spend what it takes to make blueberry jam. So ... I always reserve a half batch of blackberry juice, then throw in an equal amount of blueberries - immediately you have a full batch of blueberry jam that was so easy and much cheaper.

Oh yes, I leave those blueberries whole!

Off to the freezer they go.

My granddaughter is already going to the cupboard and pulling out the Tupperware bowl - she is ready to pick berries again.


Elaine said...

Connie, thanks for the hints. Here the wild berries that are most harvested are blueberries, cranberries, and raspberries. My daughter was just lamenting that the last of her frozen berries were gone.

I grew up in Oregon and just over the border into California and then lived in Seattle before we moved to Alaska. One of the things that I miss the most are the wild blackberries. Whenever we visit there I am always trying to find blackberry goodies to savor. Maybe it just takes me back to my childhood on those warm summer afternoons when we would go blackberry picking. I know I ate as many as went into my bucket!

Montanagirl said...

Those berries and that jam look delicious.

The Hobbit said...

Great tips.When I was young I don't even remember the seeds. Here I buy my blackberries and pick my blueberries.However my brother has recently planted blackberries and I'm just waiting for the good to go signal.

Jacki said...

Around our house, strawberry freezer jam is the favorite! We go through it so fast. Last year my girls and I made either 9 or 11 batches. I can't remember. What a messy day that was! ;)

Faye said...

Oh Yummmmm! Does that look good!

Leedra said...

You make jelly/jam making sound so easy. Didn't make any last year, but in 2007 Jimmy regularly went out blackberry picking and I made blackberry jam several times. After the first time Jimmy decided he needed to leave the premise while I was making the jam. He claims I had blackberries all over the kitchen including the ceiling. He liked coming home after I had cleaned it all up and the jars were beginning to 'pop'. The salsa was worse than the jam. :)

As I started make this sound so simple.

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