June 1, 2009

Birthday Card

Zella adds flare to this card by adding silk flowers and pearls. These pearls are from the craft store and are flat on the back so they adhere well.

Another touch she remembers to add - note the edging around the tag with the words 'Happy Birthday'. It makes the tag stand out and become more noticeable. Take you tag (cut piece of paper) and just drag the edges across your ink pad - quickly without trying to hold the paper perfectly straight.

I think those touches make the card elegant.


Montanagirl said...

It's very beautiful. I love seeing all the things you and your sisters manage to create!

Faye said...

You have so many tips. I learned something new about dragging the edge over the stamp pad! Thanks for the comment about my new layout. It does look a lot better!

Elaine said...

Beautiful card, and what a treat for the recipient to get such a lovely handmade card made with love.

Jacki said...

What a beautiful card!