September 8, 2009

Baseball photos

Maybe it is time for you to start putting your baseball pictures and summer photos into albums for yourself or for gifts.

You can add immediate interest by using 'pretty paper' for a background. It is fun to co-ordinate both pages of your album - the pages that lay open at the same time. Do that by choosing the same color scheme for both pages.

The tag on this page is a fun way to give the page a title. By adding the blue strips of paper you deepen your color choice and provide a clean place to do your writing.

Have fun - keep it simple and clean! I think you will find it very attractive with less clutter - Zella certainly provides a wonderful example.


Elaine said...

Very nice page! Zella certainly did a good job. It's always hard to balance the embellishments to make it more attractive without going overboard. After all, you are showcasing the photos and making them more attractive. Simple and clean is definitely the way to go.

I just did some scrapbooks of my granddaughter for her mom and her auntie for their birthday. She's really growing fast--she'll be 5 months old next week. I did theirs in 9x9" size and now I'm doing one for me in 12x12" with basically the same format, but because it's larger I've got to add more photos or print them out larger. When Sydney gets older, this book will be hers.

Connie said...

Elaine,I would love to see your albums! They are such wonderful gifts and keepsakes.

I find the smaller easier for featuring a few select photos. However, most of my work is years of family photos so I work entirely with 12 x 12. I never use to throw away a photo - old film cameras... Now I can work with only the best and it certainly makes for a nicer album.

Elaine said...

Connie, I like the 12x12 best too as you can do so much more for it. I do like the 9X9 for gifts though. They seem to go a little bit faster and focus more on individual photos. I'll load some photos of these albums on my photo website and send you a link.