February 17, 2009

Hat and Knit Scarf

This blog is not about me. It is about the beautiful items my family makes. Throughout the years they have shared their hobbies and their talents as gifts. Here is a wonderful neck scarf my sister, Lois, knit.

When I wrap this scarf around my neck and feel the warm fuzzy fibers, I think of a lot more than just the physical warmth I receive. I always take a brief walk down memory lane and remember the giver. A handmade gift is always filled with poignant memories.


Montanagirl said...

I love the purple color! The scarf looks so touchable.

The Hobbit said...

Don't you love being on the receiving end of such talent.I bet it looks great on you.

Leedra said...

Oh, and you found the perfect hat to go with it.

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