February 19, 2009


I am always on the look out for a tip. My mother was so busy raising 10 children that she was overwhelmed with teaching us the hows and whys of life. (You need to understand she spent years without electricity, no running water, wood stove for cooking even in the summer, outside toilets, scrub boards not wash machines - I'm not sure many of you can even comprehend.) We 9 girls had to learn to cook by just doing it.

Therefore I love tips - explanations. I subscribe to Better Homes and Gardens and was delighted with these pictures. These techniques will help you to keep biscuits light - maybe even perfect!

GO EASY ON THE ROLLING: The first picture is a reminder that you dust your rolling pin (not the dough) and roll from the center toward the edges. Don't press hard.

LET STEAM ESCAPE: Prick the dough with a floured fork every inch or so. This will allow steam to be released during baking and let the biscuits rise evenly.

DON'T TWIST: When cutting the dough with your lightly floured cutter, do not twist. That would seal the edges of the dough and hinder the rising.

KEEP IT GENTLE: The entire process is one of handling the dough as though it would burn your fingers. Slightly shake the filled cutter to free the biscuit. Don't over handle.

BARELY TOUCH: Arrange the biscuits so they barely touch. Don't re-roll the scraps. The odd bits and pieces of leftover dough should bake right along side the biscuits. They will be a treat to eat and not toughen from the second handling. Can't you just smell the butter and honey warming on the biscuit? Is this a craft or an heirloom? :)


Montanagirl said...

Wow, those are some great tips. Thanks for sharing them. I tend to "overwork" pie dough, etc., so this should be very helpful.

Rebecca Coon said...

Yum! They sound delish-ee-osa! Thanks for sharing, I'll try it out next time I make biscuits.;-)

The Hobbit said...

MMMM can't go wrong serving homemade biscuits.I remember a pump in the kitchen with a little can of water that was used to prime the pump yes I too was raised on a farm.It was a great life.Today I work at the oldest farm in America still run by the same family of Tuttles since 1632 Just can't seem to let go of the land.If you wish to play the letter game I give you a D i'll be watching

Civilla said...

What good biscuit making tips. I will try that today. We are eating leg of lamb for dinner. Biscuits will go nicely. Saw your comment on Michelle's site (shelookethwell) and thought I'd say hi.

Civilla said...

You have a lovely blog. Saw on your slideshow that somebody in your family is in the Air Force. My husband is retired from the U. S. Air Force! We miss it!

Faye said...

Oh I love home made biscuits! Mine do not turn out like these look. Maybe I've learned something from this!

mom2beauty said...

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TattingChic said...

YUMMY! I LOVE biscuits! That sounds like a difficult bringing up for you, your sisters and your Mother! That is nice that you understand why she didn't have time to explain little "tips".

I love the Better Homes & Gardens' cook book to for the same reason! I love the photos...I need all the cooking and baking tips I can get!

Leedra said...

I think it is a Heirloom. My children must think it is too. It seems the best gift I can give them on any occasion is my biscuits. Any special occasion better have biscuits, or I am looking at pouting faces all the way around the table. Not a pretty sight!

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