February 26, 2009

Tatted Top

Here is a pretty way to use a small tatted doily. Mom made dozens of these and I have no idea how many children or grandchildren received one as a gift. It was a wonderful way for her to give a tatted gift which did not require days of tatting. Each one knew they had received something special - a gift that would become an heirloom.

These are especially fun to make because you can change the color to suit someone else' s decor by simply changing the fabric. I've seen yellow, teal, lavender, and a printed red for Christmas.

The basis for this is a tuna can! Poly fill gives it the fluff and pads both the outside of the can and the top of the lid. It is completely lined with the same fabric - both the lid and the bottom. A little lace on the edge adds a feminine touch, then finish it with complimentary ribbon.

The tatted doily is stitched in place. The fabric covered knob? I don't know - she could work miracles. It is not wood. Maybe she took a button and added padding until it was very firm, because the bottom has a very firm base, yet the rest can be squeezed slightly.

P.S. I put 'things' inside! Safety pens, coins, ear-rings ...


Gail said...

Oh Connie this is just darling, how do you use it, as a pincushion perhaps?
Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind words, I see you also visit Faye's blog.
I will be looking around both your blogs, looks like you do alot of fun things.

Faye said...

This is so pretty! I was wondering too if it could be used as a pincushion. But it sounds like it has a top that can be removed and store little trinkets inside. I like your slide show! Thanks for visiting my blog so often!

Montanagirl said...

What a lovely piece, and priceless heirloom!

Leedra said...

This is very interesting, and pretty. When I was in brownies we made a pin cushion using the ring of a canning jar. Cut a piece of cardboard larger than the ring, covered it in a different color than the stuffed ring. Attached the ring to the top, a little off center, added a ribbon around the top part. It looked like a lady's spring hat. This was to teach us how to use the needle and thread. In today's world hot gun would probably be used, but it wouldn't last 50 years like mine has. I still have it somewhere.

TattingChic said...

That looks like a very elegant pincushion! It looks fabulous with the tatting on top. :)