February 24, 2009

Award Winning Quilt

Oh yes, isn't this beautiful! Another award-winning quilt made by Leora. I wish this was a close up so you could really see all the tiny curved cuts of fabric. Slowly look at all the color changes and you will get an idea of the piecing that went into this quilt.

This quilter, Leora, makes quilts which sell in my store. Obviously, the above quilt is not for sale - just too much work. However she sells some of her work. Go to cr Gifts 2 Love and find yourself some treasures.


Faye said...

Now that is absolutely stunning!

Montanagirl said...

That is gorgeous. What beautiful work!

karenfae said...

what a great applique quilt - I love it - but then I love applique!

Leedra said...

This is very detailed, beautiful work. Yes, I can see how time consuming this one would be.

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