February 28, 2010

St Patrick's Day Quilted Wall-hanging

Time to change your theme to St. Patrick's, which of course means another month has come and gone. If you are like me, you are ready for the colors of spring, which include a lot of different shades of green.

For a moment I was ready to panic! Did I have anything in green? Then my pic file revealed this quilt made by Zella. She added a fresh touch that I see every now and then - a border of silver around the main theme. That highlights the shamrock much more than white or green would have done.


Elaine said...

I'm glad you found this. It really is a lovely wall

I've been enjoying your template decorations. For a while I've been experimenting a bit with doing it on mine, so I checked out the link on yours and found one I liked and added it. I haven't switched to the Minima template as I'm not sure I want to have the patterns behind my text. It cuts off part of the pattern but I'm not sure that matters. Let me know what you think.

Connie said...

Your added background did stay behind the original template - a great way to keep the color you want for your words and pictures!